What Kind Of Home Suits Your Lifestyle?

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Home buying is a process that involves many options. The question is: How do you narrow down the choices and make the best decision? Before you jump into the growing house market, it would be good to look into your finances and get pre-approved for a mortgage. Once you have that settled and know your budget, it's time to start thinking of what kind of home suits your lifestyle. This article will share the different types of homes and what to consider when choosing the one that matches your life dynamics.

Things to consider when house hunting

Owning a home is an outstanding achievement. We strive to make our homes a reflection of ourselves. Therefore, homeownership is something that makes us proud, and we want to care for the home's function and appearance.

Once you start the search, you will come across numerous home types. You will need to make a decision based on your family's needs, priorities, and preferences. Hence, if you want the following scenario: find 'the one,' arrange the long-distance relocation with a moving company, transport everything into your new place in Texas, unpack, settle in, decorate, and enjoy your new home, you will need to consider a couple of things. The goal is to find the home that supports your lifestyle, not the other way around.

So, let's take a look at what also goes into getting to the right decision.

Geographical preferences

First and foremost, it's essential to think about where you enjoy spending your time the most. Do you prefer the places with woods and nature, cities with the ocean shore, or an intimate backyard garden? What kind of climate do you like? Would you be happy with all four seasons, or are places that have two enough for you? These are all the questions that need answers from you and your family before you start house hunting.


To find what kind of home suits your lifestyle, you will need to decide where to search first.

Ideally, you want your new home to be in a place that has the following features:

  • easy access to recreational activities you like doing;
  • it is visually pleasing for you;
  • it meets your healthcare needs.

City or country?

This is another significant difference to consider. If you love going out or have a rushed lifestyle that requires you to eat on the go frequently, then cityscape might be the better option for you.

On the other hand, if you work from home or don't enjoy traffic noise and flashy lights, some rural areas might be a better choice for you.

Maintenance requirements need to match your lifestyle

If this sounds confusing, let's unwrap it. Consider the following questions: Do you enjoy doing DIYs, especially for home repairs and decor? Do you plan on hosting dinners and holidays? Do you have or plan on having children in the near future? Do you like the idea of having a separate space for yourself, like a workshop, a library, or an art studio?                                                                                                

Your parental status plays a significant role in home buying decision-making.

If you answered 'yes' to most of these questions, you would most likely be happier in a larger space, aka a house. However, owning a home requires a lot of maintenance and care, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Alternatively, try answering these questions: Do you prefer spending extra money on travel to home decor? Do you spend the majority of your day out and about? 

If the answer is positive, you would probably be more comfortable in a condo or a smaller space that doesn't require investing your time and money in maintenance.

What type of home suits your lifestyle best?

Now that you are familiar with things you need to consider to narrow down the options for your new home, let's look at what types of houses there are.

A condo

Condos are for people who love having their own space but aren't necessarily keen on maintaining a yard. Condos are an excellent option for:

  • younger buyers who love living in a community;
  • homeowners that are looking to downsize or live in a more convenient location.

The main difference between a condo and a single-family house is the exterior space. Also, all the homeowners in that development share common areas.

Or, you could go for an apartment. The only difference is concerning the ownership. A condo is owned by an individual and either managed by them personally or under the condo community's homeowner association. Apartments are a part of a complex that a corporation usually owns.

A penthouse

A penthouse is usually the priciest apartment in the building. However, this is a good option for those looking for security, coziness, and a neighborhood with many different amenities.

Older houses that require renovation 

As paradoxical as it might sound, urban areas are full of older homes with a beautiful rustic vibe. However, many of those homes haven't been upgraded in years. So, when thinking about what type of home suits your lifestyle, consider the renovations and upgrades you will need to do if you go for this option.

Choosing to renovate an older home means increasing its value and functionality.

Suburban homes

If buildings are not a place you imagine yourself living in, you might want to consider the idea of moving to a suburban neighborhood. 

Suburbs are usually more affordable and are an excellent choice for those who plan on raising a family. Also, these homes tend to be newer, which means there's less work you need to do upfront.

Suburbs have unique neighborhoods and offer a sense of community while having affordable homes.

Many millennials choose to move to the suburbs and create an urban lifestyle while purchasing more affordable houses.

A farmhouse

Finally, you might be a rural area type of person. Owning a farmhouse offers a unique, slower-paced, quieter lifestyle. So, if you want to be more in tune with nature and want to settle somewhere away from the city noise and rush, a farmhouse or a country house might be the best option for you.

Final thoughts

Finally, home is where you can spend your time your way. The place where you experience many of the ups and downs alone or with your family. A place where you can be fully yourself. That's why it's important not to rush things when starting a home buying process. Consider your financial health and the future of home prices, your preferences, and priorities when deciding what type of home suits your lifestyle. Happy house hunting!


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