Ways to Create Your Wish List when Looking for a New Place

 Our guest author today:  Amy Collins 

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Getting a new place is always exciting, as every new beginning usually is. But finding the right home can be tricky as you probably won’t be able to do it very often. For that reason, people create wish lists of features they would like their new home to have. A list like this can make it easier to decide which home is better for you when you have several to choose from. Also, when you have a wish list when looking for a new place, you ensure that you don’t forget to check some important details. Here are ways to create such a list and save yourself from making the costly mistake of choosing the wrong place. 

Set your priorities straight

When looking for a new place, many factors will be involved in your decision-making process. But you must determine what your priority is and what is less critical. For example, some people struggled with insufficient storage space in their old homes. For them, it might be crucial that their new place possesses enough storage for all their belongings. Others might consider a backyard the most relevant because their children like to play outside. 

When it comes to one’s needs and priorities, there is no rule as to what is correct. You are the one that knows what is essential for you. That is important because there’s a pretty good chance your budget is not unlimited. That means you cannot afford a place that scores the highest in all features. Make a list of features you define as positive ones and sort them according to how important they are to you. It will be easier for you to determine how high on your list is something a place lacks and whether you can live without it.

Your wish list when looking for a new place should contain a red flag section

Getting familiarized with the red flags, you should pay special attention to is also essential. Speak to a professional if technical sciences are not your area of expertise to tell you about the defects a house may possess that are costly to correct. As with all the decisions in life, it is helpful to get to know the vital information related to the topic. Key terms will be repeated many times, and it would be good if you learned what they mean. Also, when a civil engineer, for example, tells you about the importance of a good foundation, it would be good if you already knew something more about it. Here are some of the biggest red flats you should add to your wish list when looking for a new place:

Water in the basement. That could be a sign of problems with the gutters, the roof, the foundation, and many other things. Solving this issue could be very expensive, so make sure you inspect it well.

Cracks on the walls. If you see these, the best action would be to consult a professional. The problem may be merely cosmetic or structural.

Signs of termite damage. Termites can be tough to exterminate. An expert consult is a must. 

A termite on a wooden board.
The presence of termites may be costly to fix, so look for the signs of it. 

Create a wish list together as a family

Unless you are the only one living in this new home, you should consider what the others have to say. Remember that the family is about love and respect for everyone’s needs and opinions. Therefore, everyone should say what they would like their new family home to be like. When you approach the home purchase that way, you’ll ensure your entire family is happy with your choice. 

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When creating your wish list when looking for a new place, make sure you include the opinions of other family members.

Never let your budget get out of sight

Unfortunately, for most of us, desires and reality differ significantly. That is mainly because of the money we do or do not possess. Fortunately, none of those material things we can afford make a real difference in our happiness, so it isn’t a big issue. But when buying a new place, it is easy to forget about this fact. So, before starting the whole process, determine your budget and stick to it at all costs. You should be able to afford to buy a new home, maintain it, and pay the bills. Take that part into consideration as well. If you are buying internationally, research what your monthly costs would be there. Buying a house overseas can differ from buying one in the States, as there are different daily costs. Having all the data beforehand is a sure way to avoid making mistakes. 

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Never let your budget out of your sight.

A list with Pros and Cons on each side of the paper is a proven classic

The wish lists are great when you are looking to buy a new home. But what to do when you find several that have similar features? You can always use the proven classic: A list with Pros and Cons. Sometimes the old methods are the best. Just take a pen and paper and list all the positive sides of a place on the left and the negative sides on the right. If you can’t decide between several properties, that should be the last step in becoming a homeowner

Final thoughts

When creating a wish list when looking for a new place, just focus on what you want. Also, consulting a professional is always a good idea because their experience can help you avoid costly mistakes. And don’t forget other people's opinions in that new home. Their satisfaction can only enlarge yours, so don’t take it for granted. Always keep in mind the following: The more effort you put into something, the outcome will be closer to what you desire. 

Author’s Bio

Amy Collins is an architect and an expert on logistics that has been part of the Four Winds KSA team for several years. She writes blogs advising people looking for new homes to help them find the perfect one and relocate to it in the least stressful possible way. 

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