How to Stage Your Texas Home for a Quick Sale

Our Guest Author today:  Molly Stinson 

A cozy living room.

Those that have a home to sell in Texas are in luck. The Lone Star State is a popular destination for settling in and starting a new life. For instance, no income tax, lower property prices, and many job opportunities are just some reasons for it. Other, less financial reasons include warm year-round weather and a great education system. On the other hand, the real estate market in Texas is pretty competitive, and standing out in some way is necessary to secure a successful sale. The statistics show that home staging increases the chances of a property selling faster and at a better price. Here’s how you can stage your Texas home for a quick sale.

To properly stage your Texas home, declutter and clean it first

Even if you design your home’s interior perfectly, it will all be in vain if there is dirt around. Cleaning is a must before you even start. And when we say cleaning, we mean deep, detailed cleaning that will prepare your home for staging and sale. Also, clutter ruins your home’s charm as it hides its beauty. So, before diving deeper into staging, you must rid your house of the dirt and everything else that no one needs.

Various cleaning products and tools.
If you stage your Texas home, clean and declutter it first.

Don’t make it personal

The word “staging” is self-explanatory – it means setting up a stage. And, as you know, the stage is an imitation of reality. That is what you should do at home when staging it. But the reality you are imitating here should not be yours. It should be an imaginary reality your guests could be living in. So, in order not to ruin this illusion, remove most of your deeply personal belongings. Those are family photos, memorabilia, items of clothing lying around, collections of keys, or anything similar. You might find this heartbreaking since you are already emotional because you are leaving your family home. But be strong and understand that the home is where the family is, and yours will make the next house as warm a home as this one you are leaving.

Choose more neutral color schemes

The idea is to have the potential buyers feel comfortable in the house you are selling. Also, you want the largest percentage of people interested in buying a house like yours to like it a lot. The research has shown that home d├ęcors in neutral colors are the most popular. That kind of statistic is what should guide you through this process. You want the house you are selling to be suitable for almost everyone, and you can expect to sell it fast.

The outside of your house matters as well

Buyers are not just looking at the inside of a house. They care about the outside too. That means you need to pay attention to your yard as well. Ensure you prepare your yard for sale by removing all the junk from it, manicuring the lawn, and taking care of the growing greenery there. Also, in Texas, the outdoor space of a certain house needs to have a sort of entertainment area. There are so many beautiful warm nights spent in the company of your friends and loved ones in your beautiful backyard. 

Make the storage space seem ample

Do you know how you always lack space for clothes or kitchen utensils? Well, everyone does. So naturally, if you make people think your home has a lot of storage space, they will fall in love with it a bit more. And here’s a little trick to achieve that. Empty the wardrobes, drawers, and shelves, but not fully. Make them half full. That will give the impression that there’s such an abundance of space in your house that it just couldn’t be filled.

A wardrobe with not so many clothes in it.
Make it seem like your home has loads of storage space; make the wardrobes and other areas for storage half empty.

Give the bathroom a hotel vibe

Psychology says that when you continuously feel something about a place, an item, or a person, eventually, you start associating that place, item, or person with that feeling. People usually stay in hotels when on vacation. We associate them with relaxation, happiness, comfort, and rest. Hotel bathrooms have pampering details like fluffy white towels, and someone always switches for clean ones and luxurious little toiletries we love sampling. It is straightforward to introduce that hotel vibe in your bathroom. 

So, when you stage your Texas home, think of this idea. Remember, hotel bathrooms do not contain cleaning products and tools. Therefore, don’t forget to remove the mop and associated items from your bath. Your home won’t need them anymore once you don’t live in them while staging it. That is one of those cheap-to-execute and highly practical ideas you would be crazy not to try.

An elegant bathroom with many white towels and no cleaning products.
Give your bathroom a hotel vibe that evokes pleasant feelings in people. 

Hire a pro to give you a (skillful) hand

Finally, as easy as all this may seem, there’s a good chance you will make some mistakes. Unless you are skilled in interior design, consider hiring an expert. All aspects of selling your home are very complex, and the whole generation of professionals have devoted their careers to guiding people through various stages of the home sale. Just as getting a real estate agent to work with you can almost guarantee that you won’t make any mistakes in the activities that have to do with real estate, a staging expert would make your home capable of impressing whoever walks through its front door and possibly even sooner. 


It is clear that when you stage your Texas home, the chances of scoring a quick sale increase manifold. Just always bear in mind that this home needs to look somewhere between a place no one lives and a place that is a home of a very busy but tidy and tasteful person. And if you read all this and still feel like it’s all too complicated, hiring a professional to do it for you would be a smart choice. In any case, staging will get your home to stand out in the fierce real estate market of Texas, which is crucial for finding success with your project.

Author’s Bio

Molly Stinson is an experienced interior designer that specializes in staging homes for sale. She is always looking for new ways to balance impeccable design and reasonable investment in it. She also writes blogs advising people related to her area of expertise. 

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