The Up-and-Coming Areas in Austin to Buy Property

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Is it your dream to move to Austin and have finally gotten the opportunity to make it a reality? Or maybe you were forming your house budget and are now ready to house hunt? Whatever the case, Austin s is an excellent choice for your new home. Nowadays, the capital of Texas is in high demand for home buyers. Many young adults choose Texas for their first home because of its great food, people, and beautiful locations. Austin is constantly evolving and expanding to accommodate more residents. These are some of the best up-and-coming areas in Austin for you to choose from.

A Piece of advice to begin with

Before we begin, however, here is a piece of advice. One thing you should include in your house budget is the moving costs. There are many moving companies with different price ranges and qualities. They also offer other services and transportation options. It can get a bit overwhelming, but this is a necessary step.

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Located just three miles from downtown, Mueller is an excellent place for those who enjoy a vibrant lifestyle. The neighborhood is built with a focus on sustainability and nature preservation. For those who love to spend their free time outdoors, Mueller is the place for you. It has many parks and open spaces for recreational activities. The layout of Mueller is excellent for those who enjoy doing sports or having peaceful strolls along walking paths surrounded by lush trees. The neighborhood also has plenty of bike lanes and is very pedestrian-friendly.

Mueller also has a thriving nightlife scene. You can find plenty of restaurants, stores, and pubs along Aldrich Street. And in addition, there are plenty of new locations opening all the time with the expansion of the area. Mueller is definitely one of the best up-and-coming areas in Austin if you are looking to buy a home.

A path leading through a park.

Mueller has many beautiful locations to enjoy nature.


This beautiful suburban area is located north of Austin and is an excellent location for families. The population here is rapidly increasing, and the area is constantly expanding to satisfy the high demand. The suburbs are seeing new houses of all sizes being built all over the area.

In addition, Leander is connected to the city via a rail station, making commuting quite convenient. The house price ranges are quite diverse, too. This is an excellent location for first-time buyers with littleto no experience in real estate. If you are looking for an affordable home for you and your family, definitely check out Leander.

North Loop

If you’re looking for a more vibrant location with many places to visit, here’s something for you. North Loop is just northeast of the University of Texas, making it the hub for students and young adults. There is a lot of life and activity in this area and plenty of places to visit. It is located close to all the city's amenities and businesses. This makes North Loop a very convenient neighborhood if you don’t want to travel far every time you need to buy something.

In addition, North Loop has many local restaurants and hot spots to offer for your morning coffee or lunch break. And with the growth of the neighborhood came plenty of foreign cuisine restaurants as well. As with every area that is a hub for students, nightlife in North Loop is also very developed. If you want a more lively neighborhood with plenty of pubs and bars to have a drink in, then this neighborhood should be on your radar.

The best up-and-coming areas in Austin have pubs brimming with people at night.
Many young adults love to frequent the pubs in North Loop.

Shady Hollow

For those interested in a more secluded and rural atmosphere, there is Shady Hollow. This suburb has a population of about four thousand, and most residents own their houses. Shady Hollow is located about ten miles southwest of downtown Austin. This makes it a perfect place for those who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In case you want a quieter and calmed neighborhood, this one offers just that.


The city was named after Henry Pfluger, a German farmer who escaped war and found solace in working the fields in present-day Pflugerville. The word Pfluger comes from German, which means “plowmen.”

However, the area has changed drastically since its days of origin. Pflugerville is now a bustling city with plenty of affordable houses to choose from. It is one of the up-and-coming areas in Austin that grows most rapidly. With its population of over sixty-five thousand, this suburban area of Austin is excellent for families of all sizes.

The city is located eighteen miles north of Austin, but its highway network makes travel very convenient. In addition, plenty of businesses are being established here, allowing you to find work close to home.

An old barn on a green field.
It is difficult to imagine a large city such as Pflugerville as the simple farm it once was.

Final thoughts and advice

Austin is in very high demand, and there are always new opportunities popping up. New and old houses are constantly being put up for sale, and it can become difficult to keep track of it all. This is why it is good to have a real estate advisor help you choose the right home for you. Real estate experts know the housing market quite well and can help you find the best deals for your budget. They can also provide you with any additional information you might need.

Buying a house is one of the biggest and most difficult decisions in your life, and it is good to have all the help you can get. These were but a few of the up-and-coming areas in Austin for you to consider. Good luck in your search, and enjoy your stay in Austin, Texas!

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