A break away from real estate today and hopefully a laugh while we all wait for Powerball's huge prize drawing to get "unstuck" Enjoy...

This is a true story – the couple is deceased, OK to share…. 

The couple shared this and enjoyed many laughs from the event. Married forever they had their comfortable routines and…..

Her domain, first floor – the kitchen

At home, his domain – second floor

Normal Sunday paper – split – he likes certain sections – she likes hers

He brings the paper in and divides it for them to share – retreating upstairs with his sections

On this one Sunday (following a BIG lotto drawing) he does the routine split but messes up and leaves “his” lotto section downstairs

She did not know he left “his section” featuring the winning numbers with her share of the newspaper

At the time he was well over 300 pounds and not really motivated to come down stairs for lotto numbers

So he yells down – “M – what are the lotto numbers”

One by one as she read them they were “matching” perfectly to the tickets he had in his hand

He explained later his heart was pounding as he jumped up and ran down the stairs

M explained she heard this awful noise shaking the house – BOOM BOOM BOOM

It was J running down the stairs yelling “WE WON, WE WON”

He gets to the kitchen and finds her holding the prefilled lotto card they use to buy their lotto tickets every week

After a brief pause, he asked what she was doing with that card and she replied “you asked for our lotto numbers and I read them to you”

And their winnings quickly vaporized